Especially designed for the vegetarian, lactose-free and gluten-free kitchen

with a flawless consistency and cooking stability

Vegetable-based cooking and whipping cream, unsweetened

The vegetable-based alternative for cooking and whipping

Naarmann's vegetable-based cooking and whipping cream was specially developed for the vegetarian, lactose-free and gluten-free kitchen. It has ideal cooking properties and is therefore great for soups and sauces. As it thickens during cooking, it can be used sparingly. 

In addition, it is stable when cooked with the simultaneous use of acidic foods such as wine, citric acid or vinegar. 

Even as a whipped cream, the vegetable-based cream will impress the user day in and day out. Thanks to its high volume and great consistency, it offers the same properties as a milk-based cream. Our cooking and whipping cream is available in the 1000 g packaging with screw cap.

One-twist closure

Easy and clean handling: open with just a twist, pour out clean and seal again with a turn.

Deklarationsfrei auf Speisekarten
Declaration-free on menus

For conscious enjoyment: no declarable additives included.

Laktosefree - Naarmann

Straightforward enjoyment while remaining as satisfying as the original.

Gelatine free - Naarmann

Vegetarian due to the conscious omission of gelatine.

  • Suitable for a vegetarian, lactose-free or gluten-free diet
  • Especially firm and stable as a whipped cream
  • Ideal for cooking
Whipquick 1000ml

Technical specifications

This product is available in the following package sizes:

  • 1 litre / KG Tetra: Vegetable-based cooking and whipping cream, unsweetened 1000 ml
    Category Lactose-free products
    VAT rate 7
    Tariff heading 21069092
    Container 1 litre / KG Tetra
    Net unit 1.00
    Gross unit 1.04
    Length VE 60.00
    Width VE 70.00
    Height VE 245.00
    Pack per UVE TRAY
    Length UVE 11.96
    Width UVE 200.00
    Height UVE 250.00
    Pieces per pallet 936
    EAN code UVE 4065400801615
    EAN code per unit 4065400001619
    Description Vegetable-based cooking and whipping cream, unsweetened 1000 ml
    Basic unit L

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