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Transparency has become increasingly important in the food industry and is a sign of trust.
Here you will find product specifications, certificates as well as application images and marketing materials.

We point out that the marketing materials provided by us (illustrations, application images, etc.) may only be used in direct connection with Naarmann articles. Thanks.

Keyvisuals und Teaser
Barista Milk - Keyvisual 671-KV-Barista-Milch-1l.jpg
Coffee milk, 4% - Keyvisual 690-KV-Kaffeemilch-4-1000ml.jpg
Haferdrink Cooking Award 2022 EN Haferdrink-vegan-combi_CA2022_EN.png
Keyvisual WLP keyvisual_pu_we-love-plants_1500_EN_3_0.jpg
KV H-Milch 1,5% 1L laktosefrei SIG EN 2900-KV-H-Milch-1-5-laktosefrei-1l_EN_neu_0.jpg
KV H-Milch 3,5% 1L laktosefrei SIG EN 2910-KV-H-Milch-3-5-laktosefrei-1l_EN_neu.jpg
Soft-serve ice cream mix, Vanissimo - Keyvisual 2620-KV-Softeismix-Vanissimo-5l.jpg
That's Naarmann - Teaser Das-ist-Naarmann.jpg
UHT milk 1.5%, lactose-free - Keyvisual 2900-KV-H-Milch-1-5-laktosefrei-1l_EN_neu.jpg
UHT milk 3.5%, lactose-free - Keyvisual 2910-KV-H-Milch-3-5-laktosefrei-1l_EN.jpg
UHT MILK, 0.3% - Keyvisual 720-KV-H-Milch-0-3-1l.jpg
UHT milk, 3.5% - Keyvisual 700-KV-H-Milch-3-5-1l.jpg
UHT whipping cream, 30% - Keyvisual 1150-KV-H-Sahne-30-1000g.jpg
We love Plants - Keyvisual keyvisual_pu_we-love-plants_1500_EN.jpg
WLP Kochcreme & Haferdrink inkl. Barista Störer cat-we-love-plants_EN_V2.png
Naarmann Logo
Packaging images
Apple pudding vegan - Packshot 3350-Apfel-Pudding-5kg_0.png
Barista Milk - Packshot 671-Barista-Milch-1L.png
Basic mix for ice cream, 3.5% - Packshot 2501-Basismix-für-Speiseeis_10L_BiB.png
Cappuccino Pudding - Packshot 3040-Cappucino-Pudding-5kg.png
Caramel pudding - Packshot 3030-Karamell-Pudding-5kg.png
Coffee cream, 10% - Packshot 1130-Kaffesahne-10-1000g.png
Coffee milk, 4% - Packshot 680-Kaffemilch-4-1000ml.png
Coffee milk, 7.5% - Packshot 690-Kaffeemilch-7-5Prozent_1000ml_0.png
Condensed milk, 4% - Packshot 765-KDM-4.png
Condensed milk, 7.5% - Packshot - 1l 774-KDM-7-5-1000g.png
Condensed milk, 7.5% - Packshot - 340ml 731_Kondensmilch_7,5%_340g_JPG_RGB.jpg
Cooking cream, 15% - Packshot 1350-Küchensahne-15Prozent-1000g.png
Cooking cream, 20% - Packshot 1140-Kuechensahne-20-1000g_RGB.jpg
Dein Pudding chocolate - Packshot 3330-Dein-Pudding-Schoko-Milchpudding-5kg-2021.png
Dein Pudding Vanilla - Packshot 3320-Dein-Pudding-Vanille-Milchpudding-5kg-2021.png
Frozen yoghurt ice cream mix - Packshot 2570-Frozen-Yoghurt-Eismix_5L_BiB.png
Hollandaise sauce - Packshot 1820-Sauce-Hollandaise-1000ml.png
Lemon and lime pudding - Packshot 3060-Zitronen-Limetten-Pudding-5kg.png
Mixed berry pudding - Packshot 3050-Waldfrucht-Pudding-5kg.png
Professional yoghurt, 1.5% - Packshot 3510-Profi-Joghurt-Natur-1,5-5kg.png
Professional yoghurt, 3.5% - Packshot 2100-Profi-Joghurt-1000g.png
Semolina pudding - Packshot 3400-Grieß-Pudding-5kg.png
Soft-serve ice cream mix, chocolate - Packshot 2521-Softeis-Schoko-5L-BiB.png
Soft-serve ice cream mix, Strawberry - Packshot 2560-Softeismix-Erdbeere_5L_BiB.png
Soft-serve ice cream mix, vanilla - Packshot 2511-Softeismix-Vanille-5L-BiB.png
Soft-serve ice cream mix, Vanissimo - Packshot 2620-Softeismix-Vanissimo-5L-BiB.png
Sour cream, 10% - Packshot 1390-Schmand-10-1000g_0.png
Sour cream, 24% - Packshot 1120-Schmand-24-1000g-DE.png
Strawberry pudding 3020-Erdbeer-Pudding-5kg.png
Strawberry pudding - Packshot 3020-Erdbeer-Pudding-5kg.png
Sweetened quark dessert - Packshot 3430-Quark-Dessert-gesüßt-5kg.png
UHT milk 0,3% - Packshot 720-H-Milch-0-3-1L-schlank.png
UHT milk 1,5% - Packshot 710-H-Milch-1-5-1L-schlank.png
UHT milk 1.5%, lactose-free - Packshot Semi-skimmed-milk_lactose-free.png