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A multitude of ways for the gastronomy and food industry to enjoy the benefits of milk

For more than 118 years, Naarmann (a Münsterland-based dairy company) has been a supplier of high-quality, semi-perishable and varied dairy products in the catering, restaurant and food processing industries. Due to our consistently high quality in the production of dairy products and continuous development of our range, we have made a name for ourselves as a dairy producer for bulk consumers and have since become indispensable in gastronomy, hospitality and commercial kitchens.

Data & Facts

  • 240 employees
  • €120 million annual turnover
  • 20% export share
  • Approx. 180 million kg of milk processed per year

Our daily goal is to make it easier for our product converters to cook and produce food using our products. Naarmann's dairy products are designed to be an uncomplicated foundation for any dish, giving cooks and users the opportunity to focus on the essentials: creating an outstanding final product!

Founded by Theodor Naarmann in 1903, the dairy has been passed down from one generation to the next as a family business. Now in great grandchildren will carry on this legacy. The quality and variety of our products are constantly being developed and optimised thanks to regular investment in new technologies and in-house innovation to provide our customers with the best dairy products possible.

Luftaufnahme Naarmann
  • Geschichte Naarmann

    For over 100 years – Naarmann's story

    Since its founding on 3 September 1903, Naarmann has evolved significantly. Find out more about the company’s origin and how it has developed over the years.

    Naarmann´s Story
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