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For over 100 years – Naarmann's story

1903 – Founding

The starting shot is fired for Naarmann on 3 September 1903. Theodor Naarmann acquires the property (where the company is still located to this day) and builds a dairy.

Our company founder was already familiar with business beyond the borders of the region, and as early as in 1914 begins to deliver milk products to Bochum. The cooperation continues until 1933.

1939 – 2nd generation

In 1939 Theodor Naarmann dies and the business is taken over by his three sons – Theodor Naarmann, Heinrich Naarmann and Bernhard Naarmann.

1948 – German expansion

The expansive strategy of the company founder is pursued again, this time focused on the German market. The delivery zone will gradually be expanded within Germany.

At the same time, the production of milk concentrate and whey paste begins.

1959 – Takeover of the Rheine dairy company

Credo: Join forces to gain strength – without restricting entrepreneurial freedom. Naarmann follows this credo early on and in 1937 takes over the Rheine dairy company on a lease-by-lease basis. In 1959, Naarmann decides to buy the dairy and relocate it to a new building on Basilikastrasse.

1965 – Expansion

The Naarmann family expands their production and processing by two spray towers.

1969 – Dairy merger

The dairies in Emsdetten, Wettringen, Nordwalde and Hörstel merge until 1971.

1972 – Introduction of the milk-collecting van

The conversion of milk collection is changed from can delivery to a milk collection vehicle.

1974 – Installation of a UHT milk plant

For the first time, semi-perishable dairy products are bottled. For this purpose, an Italian heating system is set up in 1974.

1976 – Takeover of the Kessler dairy

The Kessler dairy in Ohne and Metelen is taken over by Naarmann.

1980 – Takeover of the fresh goods warehouse of the Heemann dairy

Naarmann takes over the fresh goods warehouses of the Heemann dairy in the following locations:

Werne, Hamm, Lüdinghausen, Unna and Kamen

1985 – Installation of tube pasteuriser and extension of UHT processing

1988 – Third generation

Naarmann is continued and expanded by the third generation – Theodor and Johannes Naarmann.

1989 – Takeover of the Burgsteinfurt dairy

The suppliers of the Burgsteinfurt dairy switch to Naarmann.

Naarmann taps into the Dutch market with condensed milk, cocoa, buttermilk, drinking whey and drinking yoghurt.

1992 – Company realignment

This year a radical rethinking took place. Through the ruinous price war for a prominent shelf position in retail, Naarmann has developed a new product and sales strategy. The production of quark and butter is discontinued and fresh food is handed off.

Naarmann transfers its production to bulk consumers and processors and only supplies wholesalers and bulk buyers. The production of semi-perishable products is extensively modernised and expanded until 1998. For this purpose, new sterile tanks, heating, filling, palletising and cleaning systems are installed.

2002 – Foodservice and delicatessen industry

2003 – 100th anniversary

Since its founding on 3 September 1903, 100 years have passed. Naarmann celebrates its 100th anniversary and looks back on an eventful company history.

Naarmann presents itself as an important supplier of specialised products for the gastronomy, hotel, catering and delicatessen industries in Germany – but Naarmann is also represented in European and non-European foreign countries.

2008 – 4th generation

Claus Naarmann, the son of Theodor Naarmann, joins the tradition-conscious company as a member of the management and fourth generation.

2010 – New production hall

To extend the filling capacity for long-life dairy products in large containers, an old warehouse is demolished, followed by the construction of a new production hall.

2013 – New mixing, new palletising

Construction of a mixing area with mixing tanks and special pumps. In addition, a new palletising zone is built due to the increasing processing volumes.

2014 – Management, new building and 111-year anniversary

Naarmann is very aware of its long tradition. On 1 January 2014, senior partner Theo Naarmann retires from the management and leaves the business to Claus and Andreas Naarmann. Naarmann celebrates its 111th anniversary in 2014.

This year, a new warehouse of 3,000 meters will also be built.

2018 – New construction of heating department

Expansion of the heating department through the construction of a new production hall and investment in a UHT plant.

2019 – New energy centre

Two combined heat and power units will be installed to generate electricity and a new refrigeration system will be installed for ice water production.

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