Full of flavour

with a low fat content

UHT milk, 0.3%

The lightest milk in the Naarmann assortment. 

The UHT milk with a maximum of 0.3% fat will impress the user with its ultra-light, milky taste – despite its low fat content. Our special gentle heating process retains as much of the creamy flavour as possible. Naarmann's semi-perishable milk can be stored easily and safely, because it is stable even without refrigeration for several months. 

Available in a practical 1-litre as well as 10-litre bag-in-box packaging.

One-twist closure

Easy and clean handling: open with just a twist, pour out clean and seal again with a turn.

Ready to serve – Naarmann
Ready to serve

Simple, practical and time-saving: Remove the product and serve directly.

Deklarationsfrei auf Speisekarten
Declaration-free on menus

For conscious enjoyment: no declarable additives included.

  • Range of container sizes
  • Long shelf life, even unrefrigerated
  • Optimal milk flavour
H-Milch 0,3 % - Gebindegrößen

Technical specifications

This product is available in the following package sizes:

  • 1 litre / KG Combibloc: UHT milk, 0.3% 1 litre One-twist closure
    Category UHT milk
    VAT rate 7
    Tariff heading 04011010
    Container 1 litre / KG Combibloc
    Net unit 1.03
    Gross unit 1.07
    Length VE 60.00
    Width VE 90.00
    Height VE 205.00
    Pack per UVE TRAY
    Length UVE 12.40
    Width UVE 395.00
    Height UVE 200.00
    Pieces per pallet 864
    EAN code UVE 4065400807204
    EAN code per unit 4065400000728
    Description UHT milk, 0.3% 1 litre One-twist closure
    Basic unit L
  • Bag in Box 10 L: UHT milk, 0.3% 10 L Bag in Box
    Category UHT milk
    VAT rate 7
    Tariff heading 04011090
    Container Bag in Box 10 L
    Net unit 1.03
    Gross unit 1.06
    Pack per UVE BIB
    Length UVE 10.33
    Width UVE 190.00
    Height UVE 190.00
    Pieces per pallet 960
    EAN code UVE 4065400000889
    EAN code per unit 4065400000889
    Description UHT milk, 0.3% 10 L Bag in Box
    Basic unit L

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