Both hygienic and fast

Soft-serve ice cream mix, chocolate

Quick and easy soft-serve ice cream production

Soft-serve ice cream is a hit in every season. With Naarmann's soft-serve chocolate ice cream, you can make it hygienically and quickly. 

Due to the elimination of the preparation time, it can easily be hygienically produced and refilled by any employee in a short time. 

Deklarationsfrei auf Speisekarten
Declaration-free on menus

For conscious enjoyment: no declarable additives included.

  • No mixing necessary
  • Consistently high quality
  • Easiest handling
Packshot Softeismix Schoko

Technical specifications

This product is available in the following package sizes:

  • Bag in Box 5 L: Soft-serve ice cream mix, chocolate UTZ (MB) 5% 5 L
    Category Ice cream mix
    VAT rate 7
    Tariff heading 21050091
    Container Bag in Box 5 L
    Net unit 1.10
    Gross unit 1.14
    Pack per UVE BIB
    Length UVE 5.48
    Width UVE 145.00
    Height UVE 145.00
    Pieces per pallet 800
    EAN code UVE 4065400002524
    EAN code per unit 4065400002524
    Description Soft-serve ice cream mix, chocolate UTZ (MB) 5% 5 L
    Basic unit L

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