Finest cocoa beans combined with fresh milk

a treat for the young and old alike

Chocolate milk, 2.5%

A special treat, cold or warm: Choclate with real milk in restaurant quality

Throughout the year, choclate is a sales hit. In summer, Naarmann’s chocolate milk makes for dreamy ice chocolate, while in autumn and winter the chocolate warms one’s body and soul. Through the use of real milk and the finest cocoa beans, our chocolate milk offers an intense taste and is beautifully creamy. 

Naarmann’s top-class chocolate milk is ideal for selling at Christmas markets, as it can be kept warm for a long time without losing any of its taste. Because it comes in extra large containers (10 l bag-in-box), it is designed for high purchase quantities.

Ready to serve – Naarmann
Ready to serve

Simple, practical and time-saving: Remove the product and serve directly.

  • genuine milk taste, excellent gastronomic quality
  • ideal for canteens, Christmas markets, dining halls and parties
Kakao der Extraklasse 10L

Technical specifications

This product is available in the following package sizes:

  • Bag in Box 10 L: Cocoa in a class of its own, 2.5% 10 L
    Category Beverages
    VAT rate 7
    Tariff heading 22029999
    Container Bag in Box 10 L
    Net unit 1.06
    Gross unit 1.09
    Pack per UVE BIB
    Length UVE 190.00
    Width UVE 190.00
    Height UVE 320.00
    Pieces per pallet 96
    EAN code UVE 4065400000872
    EAN code per unit 4065400000872
    Description Cocoa in a class of its own, 2.5% 10 L
    Basic unit L

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