Barista milk for your coffee machine

With our closed bag-in-box systems you can conjure up the joy of milk from your coffee machine in no time – clean, safe and fast.

The smell of coffee entices you and before you know it, your visitor will be enjoying a delicious coffee in your restaurant, and the milk should be just as good as the Arabica or Robusta coffee itself. Naarmann’s Barista milk is especially well suited for coffee machines. It is ideal for restaurants and catering!

Whether it's a latte macchiato, a latte or a cappuccino – it all tastes great with Naarmann's Barista Milk. The perfect blend of fat and protein makes for a fine and creamy milk foam that stays firm and looks great too.
And don’t forget about a creative design for the surface of the milk foam draw impressive pictures with Naarmann's Barista milk and delight your guests.

Our Barista milk is declaration-free for menus, because we deliberately do not include dyes, preservatives and other declarable ingredients.
Our bag-in-box is also immediately usable and can be kept for several months without refrigeration. With the one-twist closure, you also benefit from the easy and clean handling of the 1-litre packaging.