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Die Privatmolkerei Naarmann ist Spezialist für haltbare Milchprodukte und bietet ein breites Sortiment aus Standard- und Nischenprodukten an. Das Unternehmen versteht sich als Partner und Problemlöser im Foodservice, der Gastronomie und der weiterverarbeitenden Industrie.

Fakten 2017

Beschäftigte: ca. 140 Personen
Umsatz: ca. 100 Mio. €
Exportanteil: ca. 25%
Verarbeitung: ca. 160 Mio. kg pro Jahr

Our Quality

Quality is a top priority at Naarmann. From the producer up to service. Of course, quality begins at our carefully picked milk suppliers. The milk delivered goes through numerous in-house checks and tests and it is regularly inspected by publicly recognized institutions. There is strict compliance with the hygiene criteria in accordance with the HACCP concept and the provisions of DIN ISO 9001 and the IFS. To do so, the most up-to-date production, sterile tank, filling and packaging technology is used and a wide variety of high quality products are produced every day.


It is not uncommon for visitors to Naarmann to be surprised at how modern the facilities that are used in our business are. Starting from the pasteurization facilities up to the filling facilities, new investment is continually made to keep up with technological developments.
The special discipline of the Privatmolkerei Naarmann is aseptics i.e. sterile filling of products into sterilized packaging. In 1974, as one of the first dairies to do so, Naarmann installed a facility to produce long-life milk. Today we are specialists in long-life, carefully pasteurized milk and cream products.

Careful Paseurization

All products that are put through our ultra high temperature facilities (UHT facilities) are subsequently placed initially in sterile tanks, where the products are stored under sterile conditions until filling. These modern sterile tank facilities make possible both cooling and pasteurization, as well as the processing of highly viscous products. The products are then filled from these sterile tanks. This avoids heating the products several times if, for example, the output of the UHT facility is greater than the capacity of the filling facility.

The Privatmolkerei Naarmann has also offered “long-fresh” products for a few years. The “long fresh whipped cream” offered by Naarmann, for example, gives the customer fresh cream with a remaining life of at least 30 days along with a really pure cream taste and good service.


Alongside really widespread products such as long-life milk, cream and condensed milk, at Naarmann superior products such as yoghurt drinks, high quality cocoa, puddings and sauces (e.g. Hollandaise) are prepared in large quantities. The pasteurization and filling of such long-life products requires a high degree of experience and know how.

A further feature to be noted is that Naarmann products are not only filled into 1 litre cartons. The possible filing quantities range from 0.2 litres through to 0.5 litres, 1 litre, 5 litres, 10 litres up to 1000 litres. The containers above 5 litres are either filled into buckets or bag-in-box packaging (a sterile bag in a box). For 1000 litre containers reusable containers are usually used instead of a box. Various picking systems for the bag-in-box products are also offered.

Laboritory inspections and certification

All products from the Privatmolkerei Naarmann are examined and assessed with reference to their quality. With the aide of modern laboratory equipment, including a MilkoScan, a colour measurement appliance, an ATP/IR spectroscope, a Dumas protein analyser and other special equipment, our experienced laboratory staff identify the characteristics of the products using continually optimized methods. The examinations carried out do not just involve identifying the usual chemical-physical and microbiological data but also encompass functional checks. We believe this is indispensable for superior products. Of course, all results are identified and documented within the context of our QM system certified in accordance with DIN 9001. Our high quality standard is also reflected in multiple IFS certifications (International Food Standard) at a high level.

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