Milk Producer Partners

A good price for your milk

The Privatmolkerei Naarmann has maintained good and reliable cooperation with its milk suppliers for decades. Not least, the Naarmann family stand for this as proprietors of the Privatmolkerei Naarmann.

Hand in Hand

  • A supplier committee selected by the milk producers advises the Board.
  • A supplier event takes place annually in the individual regions in which information can be exchanged and where the board reports on current developments at the Privatmolkerei Naarmann.

Very Good Payment

  • The Privatmolkerei Naarmann guarantees a high payment price that is above the average price from surrounding dairies.
  • The guaranteed payment price is calculated by the State Association of the Milk Sector NRW.
  • In addition, graduated quantity supplements are paid that are granted for the whole quantity supplied.
  • A high payment long term is ensured because the Privatmolkerei Naarmann acts strongly on the market.

No Deductions

  • No stop costs
  • No inspection costs
  • No business shares
Bild: Privatmolkerei Naarmann agiert stark im Markt

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