Suppliers - our partners

Demanding and reliable



These days, outstanding quality is the absolute pre-condition for a company’s success. Because this quality is determined to a considerable extent by the direct components and the packaging of a product, as food producers we are convinced that only reliable, quality suppliers can meet our requirements. At the same time, we strive to cooperate well with these suppliers, fairly and long term, to act together in a customer oriented manner.


We see ourselves as the starting point for innovations. To do this, we are always on the look out for approaches in our market that we can incorporate in successful new and further developments in cooperation with our suppliers. We see this as an important criterion for successful progress, both for us and our suppliers.


Pronounced specialist expertise, high flexibility and absolute reliability are the essential pre-conditions for selecting our suppliers. Through the pressure of continual cost optimization, alongside efficient production, we also expect a far sighted and fair pricing policy from our suppliers.

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