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Product and Container Variety

As a specialist for bulk consumers and thus for professional users, the Privatmolkerei Naarmann is the first stop for kitchens, ice cream parlours and confectioners. Our products are specially tailored to their needs and are exclusively distributed via specialist wholesalers. For this purpose, we have a variety of suitable container sizes to choose from to match the needs of every business size:

Alongside this great variety of containers we offer a wide range of products. In addition to standard products such as milk, cream and yoghurt, we also produce special products such as ready-to-cook sauces, cooking creams, liquid ice cream products, long-fresh cream, vegetable whipquick, extra class cocoa and much more.

Declaration Exemption and Nutritional Value Labelling

For professional applications in Germany it is becoming more and more important that the products utilised do not lead to a declaration obligation on menus. We take this issue into account by consciously doing without ingredients that must be declared when producing our products. Also, all Naarmann products are provided with forward looking nutritional value labelling.

You will find details about the products, technical data and product specifications in our Partner Area.
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