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Mutual Support


The Privatmolkerei Naarmann is a specialist for bulk consumers and restaurants.

Thus, we are a member and sponsor of the Verband der Köche Deutschland e.V. (abbreviated as the VKD, or the Association of German Chefs) as well as the close-to-home Köcheclub Münsterland e.V. (Münsterland Chefs’ Club).
We are always open to suggestions and proposals from professional cooks and we will be pleased to inform you about the possibilities for using modern products.
New products emerge from such cooperation with chefs and chefs’ clubs again and again, meeting the desires and special needs of those responsible for kitchens.

We are also particularly pleased to have been able to sponsor the “Holy Day of Chefs”, St Lawrence Day, this year.

We would like to wish everyone taking part an informative, communicative, eventful and entertaining meeting.
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