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1903 – Foundation

The starting gun for the Privatmolkerei Naarmann was fired on 3 September 1903 exactly: Theodor Naarmann, born in Wadersloh in Westpahlia, acquired a plot of land on the Neuenkirchen-Wettringen road and set up a dairy farm on it.

Even then, the company founder Theodor Naarmann, looked beyond the region’s border early on. He began to deliver milk to Bochum as early as 1914, which continued until 1933.
Bild: 1903 - Gründung

1939 – 2nd Generation

After the death of the company founder Theodor Naarmann in 1939, the business was taken over by his sons Theodor (d. 29.12.92), Heinrich (d. 9.02.91) and Bernhard (who left the company in 1948).
Bild: 1903 - 2. Generation

1948 – German Expansion, start of milk powder & whey production

From 1948, the company founder's expansive strategy was taken up again. This initially concentrated on the German market, where deliveries were built up step by step. At the same time, milk power production and the industrial processing of whey was started and later expanded by two spray towers in a new building.
Bild: 1948 - Deutsche Expansion, Start der Milchpulver- & Molkeverarbeitung

1959 – Takeover of Dairy Rheine

Coming together and gaining strength and doing it without restricting business freedom: this was an early Naarmann credo. Thus, as early as 1937, the Dairy Rheine was leased as a branch that was then bought in 1959 and relocated to a new building in the Basilikastraße in 1960.
Bild: 1959 - Übernahme Molkerei Rheine

1969 – Dairy Merger

Between 1969 -1971, the dairies in Emsdetten, Wettringen, Nordwalde and Hörstel merged with the Molkerei Naarmann.
Bild: 1969 - Molkereizusammenschluss

1972 – Introduction of milk tankers

In 1972, the conversion of milk collection from can delivery to milk tankers was completed. The installation of a UHT facility followed in 1974.

1976 – Takeover of Kessler dairy

In 1976 the Dairy Kessler in Ohne was taken over.

1977 – Steam Production

In this year, steam production was expanded and modernised by the installation of a second boiler plant and the construction of a new chimney.
Bild: 1977 - Dampferzeugung

1980 – Takeover of Dairy Heemann

The Dairy Heeman fresh goods store was taken over.

1985 – Installation of the first tube pasteurizing

In 1985, Naarmann was able to show a new pasteurizer, the first tube pasteurizing system in Germany. And in 1986 the construction of a meat and protein utilization facility followed (hydrolisate).

1988 – 3rd Generation

Since 1988, Naarmann has been consistently run and developed by the 3rd generation of the family, Theodor and Johannes Naarmann.
Bild: 1988 - 3. Generation

1989 – Takeover of Dairy Burgsteinfurt and European expansion

In 1989, Burgsteinfurt milk cooperative's suppliers changed to the Dairy Naarmann.

In the same year, the Dutch market was entered with condensed milk, cocoa, buttermilk drinks, whey drinks and yoghurt drinks in cartons. From 1991 European markets up to as far away as Greece were tapped alongside a realignment of the company strategy.

1992 – Realignment of Strategy

There was a radical rethink in 1992. In the face of ruinous price wars on retailers’ shelves, Naarmann developed a completely new product and sales strategy. Curd cheese and butter production was discontinued, fresh goods were given up.

Production was converted to serve large consumers and processors and only wholesalers and bulk buyers were still supplied. Production of long life products for bulk buyers was extensively modernized and developed from 1994 to 1998.

New sterile tanks, pasteurization, palletizing and cleaning facilities were installed.
Bild: 1992 - Unternehmens-Neuausrichtung

1995 – Modernization of tower drying

From 1995 to 2002 water supply and tower drying were modernized, paying particular attention to the environment.


Privatmolkerei Naarmann presented itself as an important provider of specialist products for restaurants, hotels, large scale catering and the delicatessen sector in Germany. Naarmann is also represented abroad in Europe and further afield.

Further main pillars are food retail, especially in the discount sector, and job order production for other businesses in the food industry and related sectors. Naarmann is also known beyond the German border in these sectors.
Bild: 1992 - Unternehmens-Neuausrichtung

2008 – 4th Generation

2008 – 4th Generation Claus Naarmann, Theodor Naarmann’s son, joined the board thus representing the fourth generation of the family at the tradition conscious company.
Bild: 2008 - 4. Generation


Privately-Owned Dairy
The Privatmolkerei Naarmann still exists today and it is better than ever. It is based in Neuenkirchen as it always has been.

If a company with an annual turnover of at least € 70 m is still in private hands, now in the fourth generation, it sounds perhaps somewhat outdated in times of holding companies, joint ventures and shareholder value. Nevertheless it is precisely this that is reason for Naarmann’s success. Because this it is exactly this proprietor-characterized sole responsibility that makes possible quick decisions about the company’s orientation that have secured the company’s success.

Currently about 100 million litres of milk and about 20 million litres of other liquid raw materials are processed every year with around 90 employees. Naarmann now supplies customers throughout Germany, in neighbouring European countries and those further away as well countries outside Europe.
Bild: Heute
Bild: Heute
Furthermore, the proprietors have been and are continually aware of their responsibility for their employees and the region. Today this is particularly expressed in a company structure oriented on humanity, friendliness and reliability.
At the Privatmolkerei Naarmann, it is a tradition to orient service and products on customers’ wishes. Thus, the business has retained the good character of a real partner for you, as a professional in the food sector.
Bild: Heute
Products for people of today
The Privatmolkerei Naarmann has set itself this challenge since as early as 1903. With technical expertise, entrepreneurial flair, the flexibility of a medium sized enterprise and with courageous consistency, we have always been successful in producing products for our customers that combine additional product benefits for users and an interesting range for retailers. Our claim: solving the problems of our retail customers and product users! f
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