Quark-Dessert gesüßt

Rich in protein

with a full-bodied taste

Sweetened quark dessert

Low-fat, refreshing, delicious!

Naarmann's quark dessert is a high-protein dessert variety with a full-bodied taste. 

The light sweetness of the quark dessert can be ideally combined with fresh fruit – a quick and healthy dessert which is also suitable to go. 

Ready to serve – Naarmann
Ready to serve

Simple, practical and time-saving: Remove the product and serve directly.

Deklarationsfrei auf Speisekarten
Declaration-free on menus

For conscious enjoyment: no declarable additives included.

  • Easy to prepare and portion thanks to dessert pump
  • Ideal for catering to groups
  • Full-bodied, fresh quark taste
Sweetened quark dessert

Technical specifications

This product is available in the following package sizes:

  • 5 kg bucket: Sweetened quark dessert 5 kg bucket
    Category Desserts
    VAT rate 7
    Tariff heading 04061050
    Container 5 kg bucket
    Net unit 1.00
    Gross unit 1.05
    Pack per UVE BUCKET
    Length UVE 5.00
    Width UVE 200.00
    Height UVE 200.00
    Pieces per pallet 600
    EAN code UVE 4065400003453
    EAN code per unit 4065400003453
    Description Sweetened quark dessert 5 kg bucket
    Basic unit KG

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