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Milk for fine milk froth

The peak for every coffee specialty!

Packshot: Milk for fine milk froth
Packshot: Milk for fine milk froth

A fine milk froth topping on a coffee specialty should be firm, continue to look good for as long as possible, and not collapse.

Siegel: Deklarationsfrei auf Speisekarten

The Naarmann milk for fine milk froth is perfect for frothing!

  • the Naarmann "Milk for fine milk froth" is a guarantee for a fine and very stable milk froth
  • it is perfectly suited to all coffee specialities
  • the Naarmann "Milk for fine milk froth" makes all types of coffee into a special treat
  • 1000 ml Combibloc pack
  • 12 x 1 litre per tray
  • keeps for several months without chilling

One Turn Screw Cap

Abbildung: Ein-Dreh-Verschluss Profit from the easy and clean handling afforded by the new one turn screw cap.
With just a single turn, you can open the package, pour immediately and seal again with a single turn.

Duty to declare ingredients on menu cards

Ideal for the professionals and chefs! In the production we avoid the use of dyes, preservatives and other ingredients subject to declaration on menus. (* According to the German law.)

Frisch ...
Frisch ...
Frisch ...
nach 10 Minuten ...
Frisch ...
nach 20 Minuten ...
Der Kaffee ist kalt, aber der Milchschaum steht immer noch.

Complete data sheet

Logistic data

Artikel-Nr. 671
Artikelgruppe Produkte für den Kaffee
MwSt.-Satz DE [%] 7
Lagertemperatur min. [°C] 4
Lagertemperatur max. [°C] 20
Sprachen auf der Packung DE, EN, GR, NL
Verpackungseinheit [VE] Umverpackungseinheit [UVE] Palette [Pal.]
Gebinde 1 Liter Combibloc 12er Tray Ein-Dreh-Verschluss Palette ISO 1 - 1/1 Euro Palette
GTIN (EAN-Code) 4065400000674 4065400800670 4065400900677
Nettovolumen [L] 1,00
Nettogewicht [kg] 1,03 12,38
Bruttogewicht [kg] 1,062 12,87 927
Länge [mm] 65 395 1200
Breite [mm] 95 200 800
Höhe [mm] 173 180 1200
Packungen pro UVE 12
Stück pro Palette 72
Lagen pro Palette 6
Stück pro Palette 864


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